Suggestion -- Equal Contibution (EC). A new parse category for healers

Hi there,

Long time wow player (mostly healer, but have also DPS’d). Have played at high level (CEs in retail, heroic ICC clears in OG wrath, gladiator … yadda yadda.)

Healer damage has grown more and more important over the years as evidenced by retail. In Classic, there is often not much to heal (at least in Naxx), so healers can contribute greatly to their clear speeds by using their damaging abilities. In 10 man, sometimes groups will just use one healer and the other “healer” will DPS.

With this, you can have two kinds of damaging healers –
Those that forego any sort of healing responsibility and do strictly damage (causing the other healers’ parses to go up)
Those that do mostly damage, but still heal when damage comes out or prepares for damage to come out. (able to do a lot of dmg and parse high on dmg, but max out for healing around the blue/purple-ish range).

Continuing, damage and healing logs cannot “correctly” capture these types of players (in bold). These players will have nice damage parses, but healing may be green/blue/purple.


I suggest to create a new type of log category: “Equal Contribution” (EC) (open to name suggestions… just the quickest thing I could think of that kind of made sense in my mind).

I’ve attached here a quick mockup of how EC would be calculated and how it could be ‘parsed’. It includes the formula and some calculations of EC using data from some different naxx (both 10 and 25) encounters.

I will use my upcoming naxx 25 run (tomorrow) to get more data and see how EC will look after that.

Open to suggestions/comments/feedback/etc.

This is my first forum post on the WCL forums but am looking forward to discussion if anybody reads this. Not sure how active these forums are, but I can see it has been somewhat been suggested before