Damage Taken Statistics

Mostly, thanks for what you do. This site is a tremendous resource.

Also, two feature requests for the raid-wide “statistics”:

  1. include non-tank classes on the healing received statistics plots (perhaps only when specifically selecting “all classes” from the drop down). To provide an example of when this would be useful, fury warriors would be able to assess how worried they should be about the +30% enrage damage taken. This would also help people determine which classes mechanically reward standing in fire.
  2. Have an option to “score by class” as well as by spec… i.e. using the top spec from each class for each fight. This would be less useful in Legion with AP, but would reveal how large of a dps gain in aggregate could be achieved by going full try-hard and switching specs on each boss.

Also, the name-completion on the search function is aggressive. I may just be miss-using it, but I sometimes have to type faster than the suggestions pop up in order to get it to search for exactly what I typed. Useful to force it to pop up the full list of hits on a given name.