[Sugesstion] Change styles on log comparison so both columns have the same style

Hi! I am not sure if this was already suggested somewhere, really sorry if it is a repost.

Currently when you compare two logs, the ‘left’ column is split into two smaller columns, and the ‘right’ always have one.
Example: http://i.imgur.com/7ju0bmC.png

In my opinion it would be much easier to compare them when both root columns where ‘full-width’ only.
Example: http://i.imgur.com/4vt37At.png

I was able to enable such feature by injecting style
.summary-block {
width: auto !important;

however it does not work for ‘deaths’ rows. Please note that this is something minor, I can achieve that using any browser add-in that allows style injection :slight_smile:

Weird, that does not happen for me. That must be a bug in whatever browser you are using.

It seems that you have fixed it, thanks. Works for me now, on every browser. I am using Firefox for daily usage, but for warcraftlogs I prefer chrome - works waaay faster.

I didn’t do anything! :slight_smile: