Player comparison - additional filters

Hi everybody. I have a question about logs comparison for a particular player.

When I want to compare my logs with other players with the same spec, I’m able to chose fight length, raid size, item level, time range. It shows me the best 50 peoples with such criteria, witch is fine. But the problem is that almost everyone of the 50 best players has the best legendaries of their spec, which change significantly their rotation and performance. I don’t have one so I want to compare my log with another people without them. So there is two questions:

  1. Is it possible to add additional filters for a comparison page like ones for a rankings page?
  2. Is it possible to show more than 50 people for comparison, like for a ranking?
  3. Is it possible somehow find a log on a rankings page, where you can add any filter you want, and then compare with a particular player from that log instead of comparing two logs all by all?