Compare buffs doesnt show next to each other

I tried comparing two players buffs uptime, but they dont show up next to each other.
Instead, one player shows at the top, and one at the bottom.
Movement buffs and raids buffs seem to be set to 100% width, and everything else at 50%.

I´ve attached a picture, this is at something like 60-70% zoom, but its the same on 100% zoom as well, and also its the same on IE, Chrome and FF. I only zoomed out to show both players.
This only seem to happen in the buffs category, everything else seem to work ok.


Its still the same problem, compare buffs doesnt show up next to each other. Is this something thats being looked into, or should I just forget it and keep taking screenshots to get them to show up next to each other?

Aware of the bug. It’s on the list.

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