Warcraft logs layout less useable

Overall, it looks like the warcraftlogs layout is now less usable. I need to click twice to change between summary, damage done, etc. instead of just once. Also if I go to problems, I then have to click 3 times to go to any other tabs like damage done (Analyze -> Dropdown-> Damage Done). I know this looks fancy and all, but these little things add up and take up time.

I disagree. It’s not just about # of clicks. That huge tab strip didn’t even work when localized to other languages. Yes, it provided 1-click convenience for advanced users who didn’t mind having a zillion click targets on screen, but compacting it is going to make it work better with tablets/phones and reduce the amount of visual clutter on-screen.

What about something like a slider then? On desktop have it slide to the right, on mobile it slides down. In mobile, each of the buttons would have a click event to close the slider but in desktop it could stay open/be closed like the user wants, thus making it more responsive?

I can mull it over. There is still the problem that the tabs look terrible in languages like German.

Also as a reminder, the headers in the Summary pane are actually clickable, so you can still switch from Problems pane back to Analyze and then immediately click on Damage Done or Healing Done in the Summary headers.

Everybody’s name in the Raid Composition area is clickable and will jump to the appropriate page based off spec (Damage Taken for tanks, Damage Done for DPS, Healing done for healers).

I’m going to try an experiment where I bring back the tab strip but with some things combined and changed. Going to see if i can save enough space while having the frequently used tabs showing.

awesome, ty

Do alot of people actually use the logs from mobile devices? I can understand people using tablets a bit but personally I don’t see why people would use something like warcraft logs on a phone. You know what the majority of devices are that view and use the website so I am just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

I do however feel I need to request a max-width restriction for ultra widescreen, looks really weird on 21:9. Just as there is the issue of not enough space on small screens, there is the other end of the spectrum :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s actually nuts how many people are trying to use logs from mobile devices (especially given how bad the user experience was and still is on some pages). That’s why I’m working to support them better.

I will put a cap on the width for reports pages.

Yeah I can confirm I probably use the mobile about 50%because i’ll do a lot of log analysis during my lunches… it’s a pain, but doable

Actually on that note, would it be possible for you to post usability analytics about warcraft logs at some point? Like where users are from, mobile/tablet/desktop, which pages they are using the most (damage done, problems, damage taken, etc.)? I’m not sure if you have google analytic setup but if so, it’s usually a pretty easy export.

There is google analytics, quick look in the source code and its there.

Really surprised that there is a large mobile usage to be honest. I know that mobile is already the vast majority in terms of browsing the web now but for something like a log site for a game that requires you to be on a computer is still surprising to me. If it keeps going more mobile I feel like a wild mobile app would appear :smiley:

People end up trapped at work, dentist, whatever, and all they have is their tablet or phone.

Anyway in terms of browser, Warcraft Logs has Chrome dominant on desktop.

On mobile, it’s pretty much evenly split between Android and iOS… like literally 50/50.

what % of people use desktop vs. mobile? (just curious)

85% desktop, 15% mobile, and that has been with the mobile experience being garbage. :slight_smile:

I definitely dislike the new format for WoW WCL. But then I never use it in a language other than english or from anywhere other than a desktop. The changes seemed to be change for the sake of change without really adding anything. Knowing that they were made to address issues in other languages or on mobile devices I guess means that I just have to learn to deal with it.

Change is still scary though.

What specifically do you dislike? So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so if there’s a specific issue you have with the new layout, let me know.

It’s a bit difficult to come up with specific examples since I can’t really compare old and new directly. I can just use the new one and know that it’s different and flail my arms in panic b/c change is scary.

I prefered the headings over the drop down menu, but it seems like you’ve already brought the headings back, so that’s out.

I’m not sure if this is new or not, but looking at the casts page there is a weird interaction between asking for all holy shock casts:


or holy shocks cast by one person:


When I show holy shocks be one person the graph only displays those cast on the most frequent target, but when I display all holy shocks I get the graph displaying all of them (which is good).

EDIT: So it looks like I just have to change it from target to source if I pick a specific person. It seems if I have it set to show all holy shocks it defaults to a source display, but if I choose a source it defaults to target. So it seems like I can still do what I want it’s just not the default display.

In this example it’s not a big deal b/c I can just show all holy shocks b/c there’s only one holy paladin. But if there were more than one holy paladin and I wanted to look at their holy shocks separately the graph wouldn’t be be as useful as it could be.

There also seems to be some weirdness how space is allocated to the different columns such as Name/Amount/ilvl/Activity/DTPS(a)/DTPS(e). I seem to get really wide columns for the first three. Not a big deal just a bit jarring after having seen the old way for so long.

The “All Sources” heading?(I dunno what exactly to call it) seems sort of redundant as well. If I have “Friendlies” selected, I get the exact same options under all sources as I do under “All Friendlies” lower down.

Ok, I see now. The “All Friendlies” tab is actually targets not sources. Just so happens to have the same targets as sources (sometimes).

In the end a lot of it is just 2 years of doing things one way and now my poor little healer brain has to adapt.

The behavior you’re describing hasn’t changed at all… it’s exactly how it worked in the old system. For the most part, all that has happened is that some controls have moved. Their behavior has not changed.

The item level column being too wide is a bug. Will fix that one.

Fair enough.

What about if I select a spell (ie holy shock) and then select a source? I then get all my casts instead of just holy shocks, it seems to have forgotten I had selected holy shock. It used to remember didn’t it? (ie not care in which order I narrowed down the information displayed).

A long long long time ago it did (long before these UI changes). I turned it off for everything except damage-taken and auras like a year ago, because it made the act of switching around among sources annoyingly painful, i.e., having to clear irrelevant abilities.

This has been on my list of things to improve for like over a year, but in order to do so, I need to get all abilities for sources onto the client side. I do have that information, so not too difficult. Basically I need to know ahead of time that an ability is relevant for the new source, and if so, don’t clear it.

Anyway, the point I want to emphasize is that the UI changes are not changing any functionality. They’re just about reskinning to modernize the look and moving controls around as needed to improve the layout. If any functionality actually changes, that’s a bug that needs fixing.