"Standard" Comps,

As far as I know, a group is considered “standard” as long as its 2/2/4 with no more than 2 of the same job, correct? Wouldn’t allowing things like double AST/BRD/MCH/WAR, or any combination of doubles, still end up skewing rankings/speeds the same way a “non-standard” comp would? Two MCHs is double duration for hypercharge, increasing all physical damage for literally double the amount of time in the fight, two BRDs means more foe up time. Double AST could potentially be an even bigger shift in numbers, guaranteed double balance pulls, double enhanced balances for incredibly catered runs. Double WAR would simply just increase the total amount of tank dps.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to base standard off of what effects the LB bar? No duplicates of any job, and still keep the 2/2/4 requirements as well. I guess that double isn’t that much of an issue for group speed rankings, but it skews some fights significantly for certain jobs. Faust and 9 especially with their short fight times anyway, double of certain jobs make an extremely ideal set up for artificially increasing numbers.

I wanted to start a thread about this. I’ve seen some parses of groups doubling up on machinist, but they are still being categorized into “standard comp” groups. From what I understood 2/2/4 could not have 2 of same job, but maybe that’s not the case? I’d like to hear more about this since doubling up on some jobs can greatly affect a parse.