Standard comp and class stacking

I’d like to suggest a change to standard composition to follow similar rules SE has set to party compositions in regards to limit break build up and restrict standard compositions to not allow the stacking of classes for multiple reasons.

  1. Class stacking is not a thing for any proper speedrun comp as the hit to the limit gauge already discourages it enough to not be worth it.

  2. The top end of the individual dps rankings are a joke, stacked with people stacking classes just to boost a single person as high as possible to the point where even 99%tile parses don’t get you into orange allstar points simply due to the fact that the top parse is usually like 10-20% above the cap of what each class can achieve without massive class stacking such as these runs:

  1. Moving comps with multiples of a job to non-standard will actually put some value into the non-standard rankings. It currently doesn’t serve any real purpose for rankins besides to filter non 2/2/4 comps out of standard. Having it be more populated makes it a more relevant and useful feature.

  2. Even if I were to use the search filter as a mean to filter for certain comps, it doesn’t seem to work properly half the time, which ends up being more frustrating than helpful.

I’d love to hear some input from @Kihra and others regarding this topic.