Non-standard Group parse

Hi. One of the recent new separations of combat logs between standard/non-standard messed with a recent parse myself and a friend did in a trap run, because we happened to have 3 BLMs (which does not do any sort of “cheese” for dps, as you can see if you quickly look at the log) and because of this we now have a good parse but it’s hidden behind the non-standard comp rule (which no one is going to look at for say, all-stars on a server ranking, etc. and I was wondering if at some point this would be filtered/fixed on it’s own? I assume the non-standard composition rule was to filter out things like 1 healer/triple BRD cheesing a caster’s dps, etc?

Standard comp is : 2 tanks, 2 healer, 4 dps with no more of 2 of the same job so your report will stay partitioned to the non standard composition tab.

However the interface of the landing page of rankings is being modified to show both partitions so you’ll see your report, only in the non standard comp one

3 DPS thing probably won’t change in preparation for “Real DPS” rankings, since taking 3 BLM and a BRD will cheese Real DPS for the Bard.

2 NIN 2 MCH 2 AST is ranked “standard” and yet obviously built for inflation while 3 BLM 1 MNK would be ranked non-standard? The rules seems not to fit the purpose. Even 1 BRD 3 BLM doesn’t taint anybody’s personal dps.

This particular feature isn’t one I was looking for so it seems possibly more harmful than beneficial to me.

I could lift the job restriction if it bothers people. I don’t feel strongly either way.