[SOLVED] This is not a valid option for the Webhook URL


When trying to add a Webhook to Discord from Warcraft Logs, I get the following error:

This is not a valid option for the Webhook URL.

Not sure if I need to do anything else…
I have checked this Discord Intro to Webhooks and it seems that it is possible to add something at the end of the URL.
Could this be the problem? Do I need to add something specific?

Ok, I found the problem…
I am using the PTB version of Discord, and so the Webhook URL look like this: https://ptb.discordapp.com/api/webhooks/[…]
It seems that removing the ptb. part of the URL make it acceptable from Warcraft Logs point of view. Yet, I am not sure that it will work…
How can I make sure that it is working?

Good, I had some raid data from my Guild to upload, and I received the message from Warcraft Logs.
So removing the ptb. part from the Weebhook URL does work.