Warcraftlogs Webhook Help


Having some trouble getting the webhook to be set in order to post to a dedicated warcraftlogs channel on my discord server.

I’ve done the following

Create a webhook on discord like so:

Create a guild & paste the saved webhook link into this input field:

When I click the “set” button, nothing appears to happen.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I am the owner of both my discord and warcraftlogs classic guild page.

Thank you for any assistance offered.

I see the hook as being set?

Tyvm for response confirming it being set,

Turns out was another unrelated issue causing problem, fixed now!

Could you share with us what it was?

I am at the same stage and can’t make it post logs automatically to our discord for some reason. The webhook is set it just doesn’t post the uploads.

Do I need to set the logs to specific permission (i.e Public, Unlisted) or it is something else.