WarcraftLogs Discord Webhook. Logs not being posted to chat


So I’m trying to set things up so that my guild’s combat logs get automatically posted into Discord during raids. I have the Webhook URL pasted into my guild’s settings on WCL, but whenever I start a live log, the Webhook bot just posts a blank message to the chat. I figured it would just post the link once the live log ends, but no, it just stays blank. Is there any way to have the webhook post the logs while still using the live log feature? Or is this something that would only work if I post the logs manually after the raid ends?

Thank you all for your time. Any answers I can get on this are greatly appreciated.

You need to allow cards

Cards? What are those, and how do I allow them? Sorry if I sound like a total noob. Our guild just recently switched over to Discord a few months ago.