Score Question - Reset to old score before latest log

Three days ago I did a MM run in Tomb after having not played that for a couple weeks. After that posted, my score (when looking at MM hunters on my server) went up from 701 to 769 if I recall correctly. Today I glanced to see a friend’s latest and noticed I was back at 701 in 3rd place behind a guy who should not be ahead of me. The top guy did not go down from what his score was nor did the guy who was in 3rd and is now in 2nd change. He’s still 702 where he was.

So the question is, is it normal for scores to seemingly reset back to an older number and is that bug or something that works out the next time it resets. (Seems sometime in my morning hours here in the US.) Or is there something that would cause me to drop nearly 70 points coincidentally back to my old score from before that latest log?

So I’m not sure if it’s a bug or something happened to make it appear as if my last upload basically didn’t exist, even though it’s there if I go look at my log postings…

Only the top 10,000 spec ranks are examined for the official All Stars computation, since it just takes too long to complete otherwise. Your KJ score is right at the edge of that, and currently it’s on the wrong side of that 10,000 mark.

Improve that score even slightly and it should stick.

Oh ok. I’ll see there. We did it once and then the guild said why bother doing it again so we’ll see. kk