Roster Management Style

I noticed on the join guild page that there is an integration with to add people to the guild automatically. However, when I’m looking at the management style there’s no way to change it from manual to automatic nor does the GM see that. Do we have to email in some request to get that changed or is there another way to go about it?


What’s the guild’s name and server and can you screenshot it in-game for me please?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


The guild name is MY META

This should be fixed now, you had setup the page wrong (Raid/Mythic+ teams are for teams inside of a guild, you wanted to set this page as a guild).

Have a great weekend! In the future, feel free to reach out in our Discord server here: Warcraft Logs or in our ticket address at

Also keep in mind to link your WCL account to your or the roster wont update you as the GM.

You can do so here: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft