Cant upload logs to the guild

I can’t upload any logs to my guild as the title states.
I am a officer in the guild and on WCL, the guild is set to manual management
Char name: Aidymalc-frostmane EU
guildname: Amend-frostmane EU

If you’re not in the guild, get the people who run the guild on WCL to give you the join code and/or promote you if you already used the join code. I recommend just using management, since everything is automatic if you do that.

I am in the guild on WCL and in the game
also tried delinking my b-net from wcl and re-installing the uploader

Ok yeah you are in the guild. Why can’t you upload to it? Are you getting an error?

when i start the uploader and click to choose guild to up load to I only see my personal log

Sounds to me like you have more than one account on the site and must be logging in to the uploader with a different one.

that was it:)

thank you for the help:D<3

I have the same question but after checking several times I am on the same account…