WCL guild management while not a guild leader

Our GM does not log/upload to WCL, so I have been doing all of my guild’s logging and uploading this raid tier. Originally I was just uploading our raids to my WCL profile and posting in our discord, but its nice to have a guild profile and see where we stand in the rankings. So we decided that I should create a guild page where I could upload, as well as any other members who wanted to upload M+ logs or whatever. When I created the guild page I did not have all of the correct info to set it up, as my GM was not online. And now that I am going back and trying to change settings, I am not able to. I am an officer in the guild, but am ranked as member on WCL. I was able to get the correct cutoff numbers for the officer ranks today.

So how can I go about changing this so that my account reflects as an officer account on our guild page, and will I be able to make/edit raid/M+ teams or have the same permissions that our GM would have? Like editing our description, raid times, etc. Since I will be the one managing our WCL page. Or is that not even possible without him actually logging in himself and keeping everything up to date.

Just to give some information ahead of time:

Officers are Rank 4 and higher.

Guild Profile: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/707982

My Profile: Dustyloads - Blackrock - Warcraft Logs

Much thanks in advance!

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Hey there, it looks like the guild is being automatically managed (that means it goes by in-game ranks instead of manual management) - you can reach out to our support with an email to support@warcraftlogs.com, and they can assist you.

Alternatively, you can ask your GM to make an account, connect their battle.net, and set the guild to manual management in the guild settings.

Rad, thank you for the info!