Rogue assasination bug
This guy was using both T6 talents: Exsanguinate and Agonizing Poison.

Bump. Was just about to create a thread but stumbled upon this one. The top 4 rogues (at least, I didn’t check more) all exploited. Check the first guy (chinese) for example, the boss is debuffed 99,87% of the fight with Agonizing poison, but he uses Exsanguinate 7 times, and he is the only rogue in the raid. Exsang Tier = Ago Tier

This fight in particular (8 seconds in, casts Exsang while Agonizing Poison is on the boss, which is clear evidence)

Links to the reports, and I can invalidate them. (same as edit in my post before) (2 rogues,
both exsang specced, agonizing poison still debuffed on the boss 99% of the time) (2 assa rogues, 2x exsang, agonizing debuffed from both of them)

The list is probably much bigger than this, but thats it for now, can post more tomorrow.

Edit 2:
Korean Player, solo rogue, exsang & ago poison on boss: