Removal of bugged rogue logs planned?

Curious if there has been any work or plans for the bug some assassination parses used.

January 5
Fixed an issue where Deadly Poison could retain Nightstalker’s damage bonus until Deadly Poison fell off the target.

That above listed (issue) bug being found late Dec and fixed in game close to Jan 3-5 time frame.

Overall no idea if any thing is easy to find in code to get easy fix but in context of fair playing field of logs figured worth post. Guess worth noting target could not have Deadly Poison dot on it and have bug overwrite to improve damage from it but seemed able to use opener like below on a target and/or vanish apply it if dot ever fell off.

A personal parse where tried to use the bug and felt like it worked. You can see first cast being Poisoned Knife to 100% apply Deadly Poison and be close enough that hit should be able get Nightstalker buff. Avg hit ending up as 600k+ for Deadly Poison dot.

Next link below as another personal log after bug fixed with other buffs to the spec. Even after upgrade of 9 ilvl of gear Avg hit ended up in the 465k range for Deadly Poison dot.

Last link on a kill same day as one where think bug was used. This kill should not have the gains and Deadly Poison Avg hit shows a 339k vs 600k and Poison Knives Avg hit shows 478k vs 707k in first link. Added link due to Fan of knife play style that was used in it and bug compared to normal play after fixes.

Yeah, do plan to fix, still mulling over reliable method of code detection.