RMT Support status

What is your progress on RMT support?

At the moment most kills show up as wipes and minibosses as trash mobs. And although most logs are private right now, it would be nice to have the leaderboards working as well.

Specific links would be helpful. Are kills showing up as wipes because of splits, or are the deaths of the bosses actually missing from the encounters?

For minibosses, I thought I had added them all. Which ones are showing up as trash? (Link to examples if you can.)

Miniboss was an error on my part when I look closer at it.

Bosses are very inconsistent and show as kills for some and wipes for others even though we run the same version (latest) of the logger client and addon.

Does Robomination not die? LIke I don’t see any death for him there.

All of them die

Might be a bug on Carbine’s end then if they’re not reporting deaths. I can probably work around it, assuming I see overkill.

Kihra, do you know if there are any plans to make rankings available for the Minis?

Might want to add a different trigger mob for Starmap. “Alpha Cassus”


Still need this change.

Laveka logs are showing on the Starmap leaderboard:

Trigger mob for Navigation Core should be “Black Hole”, it comes after Alpha Casus dies/gets to 0%

Here’s our kill: https://www.wildstarlogs.com/reports/XPV3wzxngarvJR7K#fight=14&type=summary