Redmoon 2nd wing

Could you fix logs for 2nd wing?


  • Star-Eater the Voracious (Logs usually showing as wipes or invalid but that seems to be a repeating issue in RMT. Victory condition: Dead)
  • Navigation Core (Victory condition: Alpha Cassus dead twice)
  • Laveka the Dark-Hearted (Victory condition: Dead)

Logs for Star-Eater the Voracious:
Logs for Navigation Core (Shows as Alpha Cassus) & some Laveka:

Hello Kihra??

Yup, will get to it when I can. On Thanksgiving vacation through this weekend.

Seconding this, can we also fix the logs that break on regular occasion. I think most of the logs you can see on my account mostly have broken shit and logging the raids is getting tiring :confused:

As far as logs being broken, I’m not sure there’s anything I can fix. It seems like the game itself is bugging out and not recording deaths or something.

Question here… are DS and GA still parsing correctly? Is it only RMT logs that show as wipes and stuff?

GA/DS seems to be working fine

I wonder if we could get someone from Carbine to investigate then. What’s the most common error with the RMT logs? Are they being split up wrong? Are they completely there but just marked as a wipe and not a kill?

We could try to ask them yea.

Idk, it seems very random. Sometimes a boss shows up as kill, on a different log from the same raid it can show as a wipe. And it varies from week to week. I’ve been trying to save everything to the file and upload when raid is over as well as livelogging and saving after each fight. Don’t think any of them work better than the other.

Examples from first miniboss:
Week 1 (showing as kill):
Week 2 (showing as wipe):

Also, I’m not sure if you (or people in general) want to add the minibosses.
But here are the names atleast (all win conditions are boss dead)

  • Chief Warden Lockjaw
  • Assistant Technician Skooty
  • Chief Engine Scrubber Thrag
  • Cropper Gho’Deke
  • Mixmaster Kino
  • Fry-Cook Yagar
  • Bilgebreath
  • Lootwatcher Korg
  • Interro/Rackmaster Antru (One of them has to die. Don’t remember which one)
  • Munitions Specialist Luk’ki
  • Torpedo Technician Dud’li
  • Bonedoctor Muburu
  • Headshrinker W’gasa
  • Untombed Horror
  • Tiny

Could it be that people try to save logs too fast and they don’t get recorded correctly? I’ve started logging in RMT and have no issues so far.

Can confirm that is the issue. I tried saving -> Waiting for client to process -> Save etc and that worked. That usually doesn’t matter in DS though, but whatever.

So I guess only Starmap needs to be fixed as mentioned before and possibly add minibosses.

Any update on this?
Would really like fixed Navigation Core and Laveka logs and have the minibosses noted as minibosses :frowning:

Bosses should all be correct now and minibosses have all been added.