Bosses showing up as trash

Not sure if we did something wrong or if the site/addon is not fully supporting Redmoon yet. If you take a look at some private logs you can see that almost all bosses are getting listed as trash mobs.

These seem to be broken:

  • Swabbie Ski’Li (Aka The Shredder)
  • Robomination
  • Chief Engineer Wilbargh and Head Engineer Orvulgh (Aka The Engineers)
  • Star-Eater the Voracious (Previously named Bosun Ocotg, still commonly referred to as Octog)
  • Sun (Aka Starmap)
  • Laveka the Dark-Hearted (Aka Laveka)

I thought Redmoon wasn’t going live until August.

It’s not but we log during testing.

I haven’t done anything to support it yet. I’ve asked Carbine for info on bosses, minibosses, victory conditions, etc., but they never respond, so yeah.

Ah alright. I’ll remind them next time I see them.

You can send me links to your reports, and I can see if I can figure some stuff out for fight detection using those logs as a basis.

Random log to check which ones are broken:

Actual logs:

I assume you can access private logs.

Yeah. Is the boss the first mob attacked in all of these encounters? What is the Starmap and what are its victory conditions?

All fights are initiated by attacking the boss except for Starmap. I’m not 100% sure about how Starmap works, so someone else should answer that.

The Engineers can be pulled by attacking either of the two bosses.

Ok I have added some support then for everything but Starmap.

Thank you!