Requesting new role for IDS Priest

Requesting a new role for IDS Priest instead of a general Holy Priest encompassing both specs. Obviously a Holy priest with CoH will outperform 8/10 times since it’s an unfair comparison in terms of healing output if there is any massive AOE healing in the fight. There is already different rankings for Dreamstate Druid, Justicar Paladin, Gladiator and Champion Warrior, and Smite Priest, so why not add one more to be more specific for IDS Priests. I am not sure exactly how the code works, but I imagine it to look at talents of each player. If that is the case, to meet the role as IDS have the code check for 2/2 IDS and NOT having Pain Suppression, and the remaining talents into Holy. Not sure if this is possible, but I would love to see this in the future.