Shows disc priest as shadow

Hi there.
I’ve failed in finding the threshhold/logic that decides if you’re ranked as shadow or healer as a priest in classic. It would take me weeks to test a result with trial and error so I hope to get answers here.

Yesterday’s raid ranked me shadow on 6/10 fights as healer using power infusion in the start of all fights. Ie:
I’m the priest called “Vad”.
What’s the logic here?
Thanks :slight_smile:

This was a test to see if I could dedact the answer myself. Am I correct or coincidence?
Is the logic:
Minimum 51% healing done of total dmg and healing, ignoring overhealing.

Correct, if you do more damage than you do raw healing, then you are considered a damage dealer.

Hi Kihra,
Thanks for fast response :smiley:
I found it here :smiley: