Is there a page documenting criteria for the roles given to TBC hybrid builds

The number of these roles have increased to the point where it’s actually confusing what defines them without a basic documentation page somewhere on We now have Warden and Dreamstate for Druids, Justicar for Paladins, Smite and Healing for Priests, and Gladiator, Champion, and Melee for Warriors. Since the TBC version of WCL doesn’t actually give us a view of what exactly a character’s talent points went into which talent, it has become rather difficult to tell which role is given to what build. There were sporadic tweets from Khira when some of these roles were created, but uncatalogued Tweets isn’t exactly the best approach to documentation.

A page compiled with some quick info about what these additional roles mean would be greatly helpful. Just one or two sentences would be more than enough for the time being. Thanks in advance.