Receiving errors trying to load ToV raid logs only

So the past few weeks when I try to upload all the fights for ToV at once I get an error message :
Error: Line xxxxxx - A corrupted line was found that we cannot recover from.

This only happens when I try to load all the ToV fights at one go, and the error occurs at the Guarm fight. Last week I couldn’t get around it and could only manually upload the Odyn fight and the Helya fight and Guarm had the error and I could not load it. This time I was able to manually load each boss individually but again loading them all at once got me an error.

My guild mates have also been having this issue but for them its while live logging, and it keeps messing up after Odyn sends us all down to fight Guarm and Helya. They have to manually reset and start their live logs all over for the rest of ToV.

I have no idea if this is an issue affecting many people or if we’re just doing something wrong. Any suggestions would be fantastic.