Showing up in Guild Logs but not Server Rankings

I show up in my guilds raid logs but when I try and find myself on the server rankings I don’t show up at all.

Both of those logs I show up in the guild raid log… But if you check the server rankings I do not show up even though I should be showing up as a top 10 dps for mages.

Edit: I was showing up just fine a couple weeks ago but now it’s as if I don’t exist on the server anymore.

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Hey brudd, im having a similar problem with my logs, my all stars have not updated in days.

If someone can please take a look? The reason im concerned is because new guild reports have been updating all stars for fellow guild members, but not for me. Thanks!

Same here as well, both my main and alt are missing all star scores on certain bosses, Khira plz help.帕奇维克/originalz帕奇维克/抠脚的天使

These should all be resolved.

Having the same problem


SERVER rankings: