Rankings not showing up

The last few nights on our normal guild runs the logs are showing up, but not the rankings, have tried hitting Export multiple times and no joy, had 4 other guildies do the same and still no rankings show.
Wondering if there is an issue or a bug of some sort, I’m doing the same process I’ve always done which has always worked fine.
Thanks in advance for any help.


Never mind I see that rankings are frozen currently, next time I’ll read more forum info before posting.

Hope you manage to get this rectified soon.

Thanks & keep up the good work.

Hi Disturbed, basically there was a bug in WoW that was causing random people/classes to do a crap ton more damage than they were normally capable of. Since it was a bug in the live verion of WoW and not in Warcraft Logs, Kihra disabled rankings until the issue was resolved.

Rankings are currently unfrozen and working normally per Kihra.