[Race] statistic

It would be very informative if add a column with the player “Race” to spec rank table or add to end of column “Talent/Trinkets” .
That help to show best race for spec.
I hope it will be interesting to many people.

Race isn’t in the log file.

Can recognize the race if use racial spell checks:
Troll "Berserking"
Orc "Blood Fury"
Goblin “Rocket Barrage” "Rocket Jump"
Night Elf "Shadowmeld"
Blood Elf "Arcane Torrent"
Pandaren "Quaking Palm"
Undead "Will of the Forsaken"
Tauren "War Stomp"
Worgen "Darkflight"
Gnome "Escape Artist"
Human "Every Man for Himself"
Dwarf "Stoneform"
Draenei “Gift of the Naaru”

And show race if it possible recognize.
Many Top players use these spells.

That’s too unreliable. Many of those abilities would never see any use.

I know not all race have dps profit from racial spells. But all top trolls used “Berserking”, all top orcs used “Blood Fury”, all top night elf ferals used "Shadowmeld"and all top blood elfs used “Arcane Torrent”. For many specs this race is best choice. This will be additional statistics for these races.
Information about race spells can be found with hands, but it would be much easier to automate on back-end.

Hello all!
Now possible see character detail info in https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/server_name/character_name .
Race can see also. Maybe now not hard add filter and column with race?
Thanks )