Warlock logs exist, but aren't classed for ranking```````````````

After tonight’s raid and some juicy kills on Kormrok and Iskar, logs for two Warlocks exist but aren’t classed as warlocks for ranking (?) Are these logs being broken intentional? As they only seem to happened to Warlocks’ juicy parses

See them here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gXdYP6VBktnFL9vK (Iskar - Wr)

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/29tcXfNKHWRVqw6J#fight=35 (Kormrok - Xelectra)

Would like to see this clarified, cheers!

I don’t see any spec-specific damage abilities used so that’s why WCL fails to recognize the specs. Will need advice on how to detect what spec they were in order to fix.

In the Iskar log, Wr casted Incinerate and Chaos Bolt, those two spells are only available to Destruction.

In the Kormrok log, I Xelectra cast Chaos Wave, Touch of Chaos and even Immolation Aura this is clear that I’m playing Demonology.

Hmmm, the wowhead tooltips don’t say that those are spec-specific spells. I’ll investigate and see.

Ah looks like the IDs for Chaos Bolt changed at some point (from MoP to WoD I guess). Will add the new ID.

Should be fixed now.

Thanks for resolving the issue quickly