Cant see logs made with another spec

Today I checked my alt’s warcraftlogs profile and noticed that I’m missing 2 bosses there(which I’ve killed and logged on another spec.)

As you can see in the pic.

I can only see the logs made on Mistweaver when I change the spec option to MW(top left corner of the pic), but I can’t see them when I have selected “Monk” which probably should mean all specs?

It does not mean all specs. The default is best role (tank, healer or dps), since showing an average across completely different roles doesn’t make much sense.

To give a more concrete example, you have a Frost DK who is forced to go Blood DK on Aggramar. He has great % on his damage dealing role, but because he’s doing grip duty on Aggramar, he has a much lower % parse as Blood on that fight.

If I crossed roles, the player’s average would be dragged down by the Blood % on Aggramar, when they most likely just want to know their performance in the role they normally play.

You see a similar situation with Varimathras, where someone has to be the third tank on that fight, etc.

I can’t really distinguish between players who like to flex vs players who are forced to flex, so the default is to not cross roles on the assumption that the latter is more common.

I see, though I think there should still be a option to see the logs based on the best percentage instead of the spec, just like it was before