Prime versions?


Are there any plans to differentiate Prime versions in the logs? The category could be determined by comparing the health of the boss/miniboss creatures, if there are no other indicators.


Are there plans to turn rankings on again?


I would be happy to, but I haven’t been able to get the support needed. The add-on needs to be patched to dump the prime level on each log line, but since I don’t raid in WildStar, someone else needs to test this.

I asked about this in the Discord a couple of months ago and it was just crickets, so I assumed not enough people were left who had any interest in ranking in WildStar still.


I’m not sure which discord you are working with, but I am willing to develop or test as needed


Do you want the prime level added to the beginning or end or where? What is a good medium for us to chat to bang this out?


Chat link at the bottom takes you to WildStarLogs discord.