PotD pomander exploit

This log:

Pomander of Strength is an item that isn’t usable outside of Palace of the Dead; its presence outside is somebody exploiting to give themselves something like a 40% damage buff. You can watch the player’s auto attacks jump from 1k to 1.4k after the pomander usage:

Part of this is just on the game to fix–I don’t know how you’d have any way to know if a player used the Pomander pre-pull (they last 7 or 8 minutes, so on a short fight the effect wouldn’t even fall off), and while 40% is a pretty huge buff the results being produced aren’t necessarily impossible when compared to ‘real’ parses from top tier players.

But when the item does appear in any log that isn’t in PotD, it essentially renders the entire run invalid as it’s a substantial boost to both healing and damage done.