Please Update Wildstarlogs to show healing values to 'Heal Absorbs'

there is a new mechanic in wildstar that applies a ‘heal absorb’. the target cannot be affected by heals until the heal absorb has been removed. heal absorb is removed after you have healed the target x amount.

fights that include the heal absorb are only in the new raid (redmoon terror)

currently logs just show the value of healing to these targets as 0 and its important for us to determine who is applying how much healing to these targets because they normally have wipe mechanics attached to them if they are not removed by healing.

Could you update wildstarlogs to show values for the heal absorb and possible separate it as a different type of healing so it can be easily viewable in logs

please feel free to ask me for anymore information about this new mechanic or its current interaction with logs


I have implemented this event in WoW, so it should be easy to add. I’d need to figure out what the LUA API is for it.