Paladin Devotion Aura Legion

Is the damage reduction done by Devotion Aura represented in the logs? I am noticing in my healing numbers that it is not represented where Aura of Mercy would be. I am interested to know how effective Devotion Aura is, and I wonder why it is not represented in my healing throughput if my paladin is in fact responsible for it. Please let me know if I am just searching for it in the wrong place or if there is a reason it is not being shown.

DR effects aren’t recorded in logs unless they happen to be implemented as absorbs.

If you only try to kill mythic bosses - Devo can help you on Il’guinoth(only if you masgripped 8 slimes on start and after 2 phase), Ursok(save your life on 7th charge) and Cenarius(when whisps are explode). On other bosses - Mercy will be better.

Thanks for the replies. I suppose there is no way to implement Devo as an absorb, eh? I’m really just trying to quantify the amount of damage it reduces. As mentioned, it is very effective on certain fights, but I feel like my numbers are suffering uneccesarily in the logs since it is tracked only for uptime and not the amount of damage it reduced. I’ll turn on Mercy tonight and see how my performance is logged.

Thanks again for the replies. <3