Dungeon logs with Resto Druid + Aug Evoker misallocate healing

Hey, it’s been this way since at least 10.1.7. Is there any plans to update this? If it’s not fixable due to the Aug hooks being broken is there a way we could get augmented healing (like there is for DPS) as a toggle? Resto Druid logs in dungeons are literally unusable, it completely wrecks the Resto Druid’s healing breakdown to the point that it is meaningless and impossible to use for comparing to other logs.


Healing - Neltharus Last Run - (5:49 PM) - Report: Unknown Zone | Warcraft Logs

It seems to happen with any log with Resto Druid + Augvoker

This is a bug within the combat log on Blizzard’s end, so we can’t fix it on our side. We can have a look about adding healing to the toggle, though!

I saw today that the healing panel has an augmented healing toggle. Thank you very much it greatly improves being able to use the logs for analysis (for example Wild Growth was 7.5% of my healing in a key, but with the Aug hooks it reports as 0.3%).

Thank you very much for making WCL so good :slight_smile: