Plans to add non-keystone Mythics?

I’m thinking particularly of Return to Kharazan, but even for other mythics the WCL tools would be useful for analysing performance in lower-risk environments. I think the value for beginners would be immense, especially for healers and tanks who aren’t able to viably sim their performance.

If not, could I ask why? I did a quick search, but nothing popped up. Might hark back to Draenor, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Non-keystone Mythics work just fine. You can log them.

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…oh. I guess I did something wrong! I will try again :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply.

You can’t search for them, and they aren’t ranked though. I plan to fix the search problem eventually, but I won’t ever be able to rank them. Too hard to detect start/end of a run (and nothing stopping you from changing players mid-run etc.)

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