Players missing in ranking tab

I recently started logging our casual guild runs through N/H EN and ToV, and I’m having a weird problem.

In the analysis tab, everything looks like it’s probably correct. The numbers more or less match what I saw during the fight in Skada. However, in the rankings tab, several (about 20% or so) of the players are missing entirely. We don’t have exactly the same group every week to verify for sure, but I believe it’s something with those players, in that if they’re missing in one log, they’re always missing across multiple runs over multiple weeks.

I’m one of the missing ones, so I should be able to answer many questions about the setup of missing players, which addons, etc.

If it helps, I do have advanced logging enabled in the WoW/System/Network settings, and I’m currently letting the AskMrRobot addon handle starting logging when I enter the instance.

I’m including a link to our most recent Normal clear.

Any ideas?

Your logs are unlisted, so you don’t really have any rankings. WCL will not create entries in the database for players it has never seen, so as long as you choose never to rank, they won’t show up in the list. If you want to, you could make the log public once, wait for it to rank the players for real, and then set it back to unlisted. This would cause WCL to create database entries for the characters it has never seen before.

Ah thanks. I don’t care that’s it’s private. I just had it unlisted while I worked out the kinks in getting it set up.

Thanks again for the help.