Comparison Tool Mythic+

Hey, I really like the Comparison Tool but I can’t find any matches when using it on our Mythic+ runs. Is it working at all for Mythic+ runs? It works fine on my Emerald Nightmare Normal parses though. When I go the Damage or Healing tabs I see a performance percentile on the left-most column though, so I guess some comparison is built-in.

Probably just a bug.

This should be fixed in about 10 minutes.

Thanks for the quick fix! I am now (EDIT: typo, I wrote “not” at first) getting results for my M+ logs. However the results do not include myself, so I can’t see how I ranked.

And I have a question on how it works: I think the “Fight Length” value that is used in the comparison options is used to find M+ runs for that dungeon whose total run time is within x seconds. That’s cool but is there also an option to compare only on single boss fights? When I select a boss instead of “Boss and Trash” and click search again, the results are the same. That’s not really that important though. Just wondering.

No, not possible to compare only bosses. I don’t export any per-boss metrics for Mythic+. I don’t think that metric would be very interesting, since the “correct” way to approach a Mythic+ dungeon is to maximize your DPS over the course of the entire dungeon.

Okay, that makes sense. Do you know why I can’t see myself in the M+ comparison ranking table?

Is your log private or unlisted? If so, you won’t show up in the table.

I first tried it on a log that I uploaded as unlisted but changed to public lateron ( and thought that might be the reason but I also have the problem with a log that I already uploaded public from the beginning (

I also uploaded a complicated log yesterday with half a dungeon of Neltharion’s Lair at M+6 and some more data from a normal Mythic run of Neltharion’s Lair and it has (understandable) trouble recognizing the second dungeon and lists the second set of bosses without grouping them to a Neltharion’s Lair run. The data from the first run gets grouped into Neltharion’s Lair +6 correctly (
When I run the comparison tool upon selection Neltharion’s Lair in the top left I get an

Unhandled Exception


Trying to get property of non-object

/var/app/current/application/controllers/reports.php on line 3118

It’s no problem for me since I failed at creating a clean log but I thought I’d let you know regardless. Thanks for all your efforts!

EDIT: I think I know the reason why my data from the M+6 run is incomplete. I logged it completely but we went for a repair after 30/50 min and it split the run into Nel’s Lair 1 and Nel’s Lair 2 because of this. The first bosses that I thought were missing are in the first subset. Maybe this is also the reason why I can’t get proper ranking. Tonight I will try to finally get a clean log file with 1 dungeon that I upload as public from the beginning and report if it works again.

I still occasionally encounter the bug that I am not listed in the result table of the Compare feature. Can you take a look at this parse please?

When I compare Stallîon for Damage or Survivability I don’t see myself in the table (Halls of Valor). It works fine for the other dungeon of the parse (Darkheart Thicket) Thanks!

I see you in there now. Keep in mind that the compare search is looking at exported and processed parses. During periods of very high site traffic, your report (if you are not a subscriber) can take a long time to be exported (30-45 mins).

It’s on my list of things to improve with the comparison tool to synthesize a line for the person being compared and show it highlighted in the list.

Ah okay, I see :slight_smile:

It’s on my list of things to improve with the comparison tool to synthesize a line for the person being compared and show it highlighted in the list.

Good idea. I think since the comparison request knows the parameters of the person being compared, it should be able to add that result line even if the parse has not been exported? So even if you don’t appear in the results of other persons you can already see your ranking in your own parses?

Thanks again for the great work!