Parses calculating incorrectly

I have an issue with my Parses showing up as calculated against a continuing curve and not being set correctly. As in, a Parse that was for July 19th has continually been dropping lower and lower and shows that it is being weighed against 0 Hist. Parses. It was initially an 82, and three weeks later has dropped all the way down to a 73. From what I can tell, it’s causing an issue with my overall Ranking and I was just curious if the Log was uploaded incorrectly or if there is something I can do to correct it?

It’s also entirely possible that it is doing the correct thing and I’m just confused with how it functions, just that I haven’t seen this sort of thing appendix before. I’ll post a link to the Log in Question, I am the Drg.

Because support for a tier can only be added after I see the bosses, there is no historical data for the first few days. I chose to just show Today’s % for that case where there is no historical data.

I hope to improve this someday such that I can rebuild old historical data once support for a tier is worked out, but for now that is what is going on.

Thank you very much for the response! Was mostly curious if anything.

Keep up the good work!