New to parsing, logs not uploading correct data?

Hi there! I was trying to get into parsing and as such wanted to upload my logs to this lovely site to compare to my monk pal. I noticed something odd though. No matter what I do my logs always end up as such. It looks like under Events it shows everything I did but its not showing right?

I followed the two videos provided on setup on FFlogs to a T. When it didn’t work, I uninstalled everything and did it again. In game my parse is showing the correct numbers as far as I can tell (when comparing to my monk friend who has no trouble with his logs). What could I have possibly broken?

(Windows 10 if that matters, probably does)

EDIT: Not sure why but the Sephirot Normal mode kill worked right? It’s the first one to actually work correctly, the rest did not.

EDIT AGAIN: I’m silly and didn’t explain the problem. The first log, against the dummy was for 84 DPS. It was a 3 minute parse, in game around 1450 DPS. The log isnt showing correct numbers which makes me unable to compare to my friend who is trying to help me in my rotation.

Your logs look fine to me, so I’m not sure what bug you’re reporting.

I’m sorry let me explain. The first log against the dummy was for about 3 minutes and it says I only did 84 DPS and I went for about 15 seconds? In game it was a 3 minute parse and I did around 1450 DPS. Does that make better sense?

Dummies are overkilled by default, so you need to uncheck “Include Overkill”… it’s on my list of things to special case, but for now that’s how to see your dummy dps.

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That did the trick! Thank you so very much Kihra!