Best hist. % discrepancy in character page

(New user, hopefully I’m not messing everything up…)
I noticed a curious discrepancy between the best hist. $ presented on a character page and the corresponding log when going over past parses for my static.
The issue in question is found here:

Where the Cruise Chaser best hist. % is of 93%.
Yet, clicking it shows a 95% instead:

This particular parse would be on the 95% range even today, so that’s not it either.
This is honestly not too important (we’ll need to redo this for a faster clear), but understanding what happened here would be helpful so when we do get a “perfect” run this doesn’t happen (and ruin the orange collection x) ).
Sorry if this is obvious/has been addressed, but I couldn’t find any topic quite like this, nor could I find a logical explanation after fiddling with FF logs itself.
Much appreciated.

I’m pretty sure the % shown in the actual log is compared to the last two weeks. There should be an asterisk that says something along those lines.

So the historical % is supposed to update biweekly?
I thought it’d be frozen (it’s been showing 95% on the log itself since it was first uploaded, regardless, so the discrepancy would have been there at the start regardless).
That’s quite strange (I assumed an “historical” rating would not update to reflect gear/progress at the time).
Either way, thanks for bringing that up.

What’s shown in the Damage Done pane of logs is current, not historical. That’s what he’s referring to. Damage Done pane is looking at all parse from last two weeks. Your character ranking page is looking at a historical rank. Ranks are everyone’s best fight since the tier started, so that’s a more competitive thing.

Ah, I see. Thank you both for the clarification (the tooltips in FF logs confused me slightly) :slight_smile: