Parse not updating or frozen?

Hi, logged some run on retail and even after making it public, waiting some hours or whatever the log isn’t updating.

I had of course the advanced combat log enabled, but the “include the entire file in the report” wasn’t, may this have messed things up?

here’s the report if you need

You uploaded it to Classic. Make sure to pick Dragonflight in your uploader and re-upload. If you no longer have the log, let us know, and we can have someone with support move it for you.

just tried to upload it back with dragonflight set, from the companion but seems that i’m missing something sorry.
If that doesnt bother you and if its possible i would like it to be mooved, otherwise nevermind

Ty for the answer !

Hey there,

I moved the parse for you so you should be all set!

Have fun with Dragonflight!


Thank you very much all, very kind

have a good day!