Uploaded logs issues on character page

Hello there !

I’m having an issue with the uploaded logs Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

I am missing all stars points on tindral and fyrrak fight on my character page : Human Verification

I tried to re upload, refresh and re export but nothing happens.

Thank you for reading me and eventually help me find a solution !

Have a nice day and take care.


TIndral does not give ASP for any players, it has been removed from it a while ago due to the nature of the fight.

As for the Fyrakk parse:

You got too many externals, exceeding the cap and invalidating the parse.

You can read more about this here if you’d like: Externals in Dragonflight Season 1<!-- --> | Archon (<!-- -->WoW - Dragonflight<!-- -->)

Have a great day!!

Hello Azrael,

Thank you so much !
Indeed, priest went mad on pis and that explains all.
Have a nice day and take care ! :slight_smile: