Healing parses bug on main profile

so, I’m a Holy Paladin main, on my main profile is showing my damage parces as holy paladin which i think is a mistake. I believe this is a bug because i logged out playing ret Paladin, but even if you select the option Holy it shows you the parses of my damage done in raids.

Healing parse on Taloc is 90%:

Character Parse as holy 11%:

this is a big mistake because of the fact that people looking to get in a heroic raid and get checked on their warcraft log, will be mistaken for someone who is parsing much lower.

please make it so that healer specification shows parses based on healing or at least give us an option to select in between dps and hps parses

I agree that when selecting Holy it should probably switch to healing. Note you do have the option to switch between DPS and HPS. Click the red heart button (HPS) to the right of the sword (DPS).

Oh thanks, i didnt noticed that was there