Overall CD usage tracker


Is there a way or have anyone made a spreadsheet that makes it easier to track individuals and how often they use cooldowns? defensive CDS like HP pots and stones.
I do know i can go in and look at it in the logs and overall, but im asking for a sheet that can track it…

Lets say on progress you would use barkskin (druid personal CD) it has 60s cd and you would like to use it when its needed. 1 druid have 2 used over 33 wipes… The other druid have around 40 used.
Id like to track this without having to do it manually in a spreadsheet if theres any possibility doing so.

Its more like an “CD usage tracker” to overall see if the player/players are improving as we are going on with the progress fight.

Dont want to spend 1+ hour after every raid putting this into a sheet to see if theres some that use their personal at all or not.

Any suggestions and feedback is appriciated!


I would love to have a tracker for that.