Question about personal logging

yo, sup bois, gurls and trannys

So, just tried out of curiosity to personal log today… I downloaded the software and all, went to a raid, tried it out… uploaded and I see that the logs are only saved to my own calendar thingy. Now, here’s the problem. I was aiming for the logs to show up on my main character logs tab were I can see percentages and stuff but they didn’t…

Any way to make it do so or is there some other way to do that?

Did you have Advanced Combat Logging turned on? Go to System -> Network and see if its ticked on.

I just came here to make this very same topic. I too have a lot of logs on my calendar but it seems they only appear at random on my main character page. I do and have had advanced combat logging turned on.

You’d need to provide links to specific logs that you think should be ranked but aren’t. Try hitting the Export button on the Rankings page of those reports first, as occasionally the job server has hiccups when exporting.