Number of ambushes in soul capasitor

One of the rogue from my raid asked me is it possible to do that he can see how many ambushes he used when Soul Capasitor is active? I did 3 expression:

type = "applybuff" and = "Spirit Shift" = "Ambush"
type = "removebuff" and = "Spirit Shift"

I thought they will work in sequence but I failed. According to my logic it should work like this:

  1. Find an event, when rogue got buff Spirit Shift
  2. Find events when rogue cast Ambush after he got a Spirit Shift buff
  3. Find an event when Spirit Shift buff faded.
  4. Repeat

But it works a little different. This expression found all events in spite of sequence.
So a questions are:

  1. How to do that I can see only those Ambushes that used when buff Spirit Shift is active?
  2. Does the sequence of expression matter?
  3. Can I set the time in code(without use timeline)? Just interested.
  4. How to remove from result all multistrike events?

Go ahead and go to the Damage Done pane. Select your rogue. Select the Ambush ability from the dropdown. Then you can use the following expression to filter the Ambush damage further:

in range when isMultistrike = “false” from type = “applybuff” and = “Spirit Shift” to type = “removebuff” and = “Spirit Shift” group by source end

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