Not getting full list of damage taken from API

I’m trying to pull all of the damage taken for a specific spell ID within a specific log.

The link for the report in Warcraft Logs is:

The api request link is:
requests.get("" + api_key)

I get the following results from this code:
in: details['entries'][0]['targets']

out: [{'name': 'Radiantldeal', 'total': 46380977, 'type': 'Priest'}, {'name': 'Metonymy', 'total': 42599053, 'totalReduced': 39814192, 'type': 'Mage'}, {'name': 'Ayriea', 'total': 38669197, 'totalReduced': 31357537, 'type': 'Hunter'}, {'name': 'Illestra', 'total': 33881262, 'totalReduced': 18729996, 'type': 'Shaman'}, {'name': 'Psychodruid', 'total': 33159059, 'type': 'Druid'}]

I’ve checked the hitCount (305) for the ability and it matches the total hits from the Warcraft Logs link, but can’t seem to get the same number of players.

Is there something I am doing wrong with the query?
And secondly, is there a way to get the hitCount for individual players from the API?

You’re not viewing the correct view. You want the by=source not by=ability.

Thank you, this fixed the issue 100%