No record with my new character name


WCL can show my record(uploaded by my friend) with new character name normally, but WCL set my old character name as main record object and my new character name somehow changed to character history after I registered my WCL account and linked to my battle net account. Currently my new character name can’t be searched.

Is this a bug? Thanks.

New character:
Old character:

Hi, any update?

What is your current character now? When I use the API to fetch info on Arrk, it shows me a level 24 character in that spot.

My current character is Arrk(TW-shadowmoon), it can’t be searched on WCL. Only my old character 飄雲銀鵰(TW-Crystalpine Stinger) can be searched.

There appears to be a bug in Blizzard’s API then, as it claims the character is only level 24.