9th person included in a parse

after checking through some old logs again a friend noticed that he was randomly in a parse with 4.3 dps.
The main problem though is that he’s in there as a 9th member even though he shouldn’t even be in there.

Specified log: http://www.fflogs.com/reports/yxwqD4vXRHQbc8N3#fight=1

Yeah, seen that happen a couple of times now, but only on Nidhogg. Not sure why.

Hm, maybe once we got out of the instance he killed a dummy at the same time? Although it doesn’t explain why my parser would pick up the dummy because it’s filtered to Alliance only

What’s weird about it is that I exit combat on a zone change, so when you go back to Idyllshire or w/e it’s supposed to end combat. I’m not sure why this is happening. Need a raw log file to see I think.

I uploaded the raw logfile


It’s not my raw log though because I just deleted my folder today.


is the version of that fight uploaded from SMN’s PoV (12 seconds shorter).


has the 9th guy doing a gust slash on a dummy.

Doesn’t look like I can help much with raw logs because I just deleted the folder yesterday :confused:

I’ve had a similar Problem happening on Thordan yesterday as well:
Naoko wasn’t there but is shown as Member.

There also is a Problem with Wildfire in that parse as one of them is contributed to Naoko which is impossible.
0 casts but 1 hit? I don’t think so. The other Mech has 3 casts but 2 hits and its very early in the fight, so a Wildfire not going off is also not a possibilty.

I was just checking all of yesterdays logs for something simmilar and it happened another time:

Seems to be an issue with a) another mech joining the party later on or b) someone switching classes after a fight.

Here’s the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb5a068u1ugrsbg/Network_20160722.2016.07.23.2016.07.23.log.zip?dl=0